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Pastor's Note...

The word happiness and the word joy are both nouns, and many times are used in the same way, but I believe there is a difference. I believe happiness is based upon circumstances, but you can have joy despite the circumstances. If I had a $1,000, and gave it to you, it is quite possible you would be

happy, but after you have spent that $1,000 on your Christmas shopping, would you still have joy? If you have Christ, then you have joy, because Jesus Christ is the joy of Christmas.

Some of us remember watching the original airing of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” on December 9th, 1965.  We watched Charlie Brown and his friend Linus. Let me quote an article that I read on Charlie Brown. "Charlie Brown’s Christmas had gotten off to a bad start. He’d been told to pick out the best Christmas tree he could find. Instead he managed to find the scrawniest tree imaginable. His friends were furious and left him standing alone with his pathetic little tree. While standing there he asked, "Isn’t there anybody who can tell me the true meaning of Christmas? At that moment his friend Linus said, "I’ll tell you the meaning of Christmas, Charlie Brown." And with that Linus began reciting from Luke 2 where the angel says to the shepherds, "Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy...". As a 10 year old, I remember for a brief moment the focus of the holiday turned to God, His Son Jesus and the joy of His miraculous birth.

This is good news for you, good news for me, and good news for all everyone regardless of their

circumstances! No matter how scrawny our tree; no matter what has been happening in our lives; in spite of that empty place, that incurable disease, that broken relationship; here’s the good news: Jesus Christ the Savior, has been born! The Lord of heaven and earth has come into our lives, our misery, and our suffering and transforms all our heaviness into inexplicable joy. God offers the hope of forgiveness and a blessed new beginning filled with the joy of Jesus’ presence.

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