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Pastor's Note...

            God has a purpose for every generation. For Martin Luther, God’s purpose for him was to turn the church from the false teachings generated by the then corrupted Roman Catholic Church back to the true teachings of the Bible. He started the reformation and fulfilled God’s purpose for His generation.

             When England was going spiritual decay, John Wesley rose to the occasion and brought spiritual renewal through the Methodist movement. John Wesley fulfilled God’s purpose in his generation.

The Hebrides Islands are a small group of Islands off the coast of Scotland. In 1948, the churches in the Hebrides Islands were in a state of darkness. Young people were not interested in God.

God uses 7 young deacons, to pray and intercede for revival to come upon the Island. For months they prayed in the barn. Even during winter they met in the barn, covered themselves in thick blankets and they prayed.

At the same time God used two older ladies, Peggy and Christine Smith to pray for the revival to come. One was 84 and the other 82. Peggy was almost blind and Christine was bent over with arthritis.

God used them to fulfill his purpose, for through their persevering prayers a powerful revival hit the Hebrides islands.

God, too has a purpose for our generation, and it is our duty to discover what God has called us to fulfill, and to serve God’s purpose in the here and now—to our generation.

This is our calling and destiny! Will you rise up and join the movement?

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