Beaufort Church of God

Parris Island Gateway-GEO: 32.2326N 80.4420W
Highway 280
Beaufort, SC   29906
t. 843-525-9385

Service Schedule

10:00 am     Sunday School
11:00 am     Morning Worship
  6:00 pm     Evening Worship

  6:00 pm     Prayer Time
  7:00 pm     Family Training Hour


Prayer Requests


 posted by: Dot on 11/18/2015

Let's continue to pray for Wanda Ficklin in Ware Shoals SC whose husband who died suddenly a few day ago at the age of 44. Read More

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Blake's family

 posted by: Dot on 11/18/2015

Received a text message requesting prayers for a young man who was killed in a car accident, his name was Blake I did not get a last name but our Father knows who it is, lets pray for this family in the their time of need. Read More

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Sis. Caul

 posted by: Dot on 11/18/2015

Please pray for Sis. Caul she has been admitted to Coastal Hospital with pneumonia and fluid on her lungs... Read More

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Bro. George

 posted by: B. Harris on 11/4/2015

Taking an important exam regarding his employment this week. Read More

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Bro. Miller

 posted by: B. Harris on 11/4/2015

Having problems with his eyes. Read More

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Sis. Susan

 posted by: B. Harris on 10/29/2015

Let's keep Sis. Susan in prayer as she prepares for surgery Nov. 11th. Read More

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Sis. Betty

 posted by: B. Harris on 10/29/2015

Let's keep Sis. Betty in prayer as she prepares for surgery Nov. 11th. Read More

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Request for Bill Starnes

 posted by: Sis. Dot on 10/26/2015

My co-workers husband went in for needle biopsy , something went wrong now they are talking about sending him to MUSC in Charleston please pray for this family, possible cancer along with a very rare lung disease which there in no known cure for... Read More

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Pastor's Note...

Ed Spencer was a student at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illiois. He was a well-known athlete of his day, as he was one of the first to win an Olympic gold medal. The campus of Northwestern is bordered on one side by Lake Michigan. One evening, as Ed was studying in the library while outside a storm raged. All of a sudden some classmates came running in shourting, "The Lady Elgin has just been thrown in the rocks and is sinking." Ed ran from the Library out to the lake and saw the situation was critical. Without hesitation, he shed any extra clothes that would hinder him then dove in the rolling, chopping waves. He was able to reach the wreck and fought his way back bringing the first person to safety. He had repeated this heroic effort several more times when those on shore said, "Ed, you've done all you can. You'll surly kill yourself if you try it anymore." Ed's reply was, "I've got to go my best." He plundged again and brought another one to safety, and another and another until he had rescued 17 people. He fell unconscious on shore unable to give any more. All through the night, as he lay in the infirmary, he kept repeating, "Have I done my best, fellows? Fellows, have I done my best?" Indeed Ed had done his best but the experience cost him his health. Years later, inspired by the story, Ensign Edwin Young wrote the song, "Have I Done My Best For Jesus?"
I wonder, have I done my best for Jesus,
Who died upon the cruel tree?
To think of His great sacrifice at Calvary!
I know my Lord expects the best from me.

Events for the week...

Sunday School

Nov 29, 10:00 am

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Nov 29, 11:00 am

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Nov 29, 6:00 pm