Beaufort Church of God

Parris Island Gateway
Highway 280; GEO 32.2326N 80.4420W
Beaufort, SC   29906
t. 843-525-9385

Service Schedule

10:00 am     Sunday School
11:00 am     Morning Worship
  6:00 pm     Evening Worship

  6:00 pm     Prayer Time
  7:00 pm     Family Training Hour


Prayer Requests

Brother Norman and Sister Juanita''s son

 posted by: Dot on 7/23/2017

Bro. Norm and Sis. Juanita son Marcus in Washington DC is in ICU at the hospital. Blessings Read More

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Prayer Request

 posted by: Dot Painter on 7/18/2017

Good Afternoon, Just got a call from Pastor we need to pray for Sis. Kimberly Tidwell's sister Allison whom we prayed for in service Sunday Kim called and said things are not looking good for Allison at this time and she is on the way... Read More

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Prayer Request

 posted by: Dot Painter on 7/15/2017

Good Morning, Just got a text from Pastor Kim Tidwell's sister Allison is in the hospital in serious but stable condition with fractured skull, swelling on the brain , is on a ventilator and is in a coma this child needs our prayers... Read More

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Urgent prayer for healing

 posted by: Dot Painter on 7/13/2017

Good Morning, I just received an urgent prayer request for a friend of mines nephew , his name is Allen Holbrook and he was found in his shower unconscious this morning he is diabetic and his sugar level was 2126 when he was placed in ICU... Read More

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Prayer Request

 posted by: Dot Painter on 6/27/2017

Good Afternoon, Have a couple of requests for you this afternoon: Pastor got a call last night about a retired Marine Walter Morrow and his wife were in a serious auto accident last night and the wife was airlifted to MUSC , underwent... Read More

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Pastor's Note...

    Father’s Day! What a special day this is in the lives of families. It is a day of celebration to the essential and vital role God has ordained to lead families to Him, to His Son and to all that God wants to do in each person within the family.
    But, for many this is a sad day, an angry day, a resentful day. Why? Because that role model, that person was Deployed, was MIA, or was DOA.
    Some Fathers find themselves Deployed in the life of the family. They are working long hours, fighting the war of provider and sustainer to the degree they aren’t able to be engaged in the lives of their children or they choose to be disengaged. Work, sports, schooling, other pursuits can disengage the dad. While dad may still be in the lives of his children, he is deployed and ineffective.
    Other Fathers are MIA. Due to divorce, separation, habits, addictions, selfishness, self-interests, and a list of other issues, they are not involved or are a positive influence in the lives of their children. Their action, efforts, and affirmation isn’t effective.
    Other Fathers are sadly DOA. Some precious families have lost their Fathers. Either literally, emotionally and/or spiritually, the Father is gone. He will not or can not positively impact the lives of his children. There is, as a consequence, a void in their lives.
    Thankfully, there is another group of Fathers who are engaged, influential and positively impactful in their family’s life. You are the essential and vital, the Godly and spiritual head God called you to be! God bless you!

Events for the week...

Sunday School

Dec 24, 10:00 am

Sunday Morning Worship

Dec 24, 11:00 am

Evening Worship Service

Dec 24, 6:00 pm