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Brother Norman and Sister Juanita''s son
posted by: Dot on 7/23/2017

Bro. Norm and Sis. Juanita son Marcus in Washington DC is in ICU at the hospital. Blessings
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Prayer Request
posted by: Dot Painter on 7/18/2017

Good Afternoon, Just got a call from Pastor we need to pray for Sis. Kimberly Tidwell's sister Allison whom we prayed for in service Sunday Kim called and said things are not looking good for Allison at this time and she is on the way up to be with her family in this time of need, let us pray for traveling mercies for Kim and mercy as well as Healing for Allison as well, also that our Father will give them all comfort and strength as they just sit wait and pray for this child... Blessings Sis. Dot Good Morning I am passing on the latest post I have gotten on Allen.Thank you all for your continued prayers. Blessings Sis. Dot My nephew Allen Holbrook. My heart is very heavy tonight, Praying that God's will be done. Even tho the Dr.is not giving us much hope, But I'm still trusting and believing in my God. The Dr.is not God.Asking God to hold him in his loving arms. Asking God to also hold his children , grandchildren,mother,sisters,and brother in his arms and give them the comfort they need. This has been a long hard journey that Allen has been on. Asking that you please remember all of the family in your prayers.Thank you for your prayers.
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Prayer Request
posted by: Dot Painter on 7/15/2017

Good Morning, Just got a text from Pastor Kim Tidwell's sister Allison is in the hospital in serious but stable condition with fractured skull, swelling on the brain , is on a ventilator and is in a coma this child needs our prayers desperately, also pray for the family in this hour of need.. Thank you all for your prayers for the young man Allen Holbrook whose sugar was over 2000 they now have his sugar down to 134 but as of last night he was still unresponsive so lets continue to pray for this young man. Blessings Sis. Dot Good Morning,
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Urgent prayer for healing
posted by: Dot Painter on 7/13/2017

Good Morning, I just received an urgent prayer request for a friend of mines nephew , his name is Allen Holbrook and he was found in his shower unconscious this morning he is diabetic and his sugar level was 2126 when he was placed in ICU please keep Allen in your prayers fro a mighty touch from our Lord. Blessings Sis. Dot
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Prayer Request
posted by: Dot Painter on 6/27/2017

Good Afternoon, Have a couple of requests for you this afternoon: Pastor got a call last night about a retired Marine Walter Morrow and his wife were in a serious auto accident last night and the wife was airlifted to MUSC , underwent surgery and she is atill in a coma , lets pray for these percious people. Also Sam and Michael 2 of our kids , Micheal is undergoing surgery tomorrow for mouth reconstruction and the surgery will take 6 to 8 hours then his jaw will be wired shut for 6 to 8 weeks , lets pray for God's divine intervention as this surgery is being done and that He is there to help Micheal every step of the way with the pain..Also Sam has a drs appointment to meet with the OB and the Hematologist to establish a base line in the event she needs the medication to clot her blood, we all know that we have a powerful Physican who is totally in control and in my heart I believe He will have them both in His arms do protection..but we still need to Pray Saints Pray.
I will pray 15 people are praying.